Imagine a work environment where people have conversations that build shared understanding and facilitate a mind-set of continuous learning and growth; where relationships are grounded in authenticity and respect; problems solved collaboratively, quality standards and business results achieved and exceeded.

Leadership and Team skills are key to creating this environment.

As a Master Accredited Executive and Team Coach, I work with leaders and teams to harness their full potential.

Fulfil your potential


I work with clients in Ireland and Internationally. I have an extended network of qualified coaches and consultants I collaborate with to deliver larger engagements when required.

Leadership Development

Leadership is not a position, it’s a way of being. Whether you are looking to set up an Individual Executive Coaching Engagement, implement an Executive coaching programme or Leadership Development programme, we can support you.

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Effective Teams

Our process takes a Systemic Approach to team coaching for the purpose of achieving better performance, improved business results and/or transformation of the business.

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Coaching Supervision

We provide one-to-one and group supervision options for coaches.

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Organisational Change

We support clients in designing and implementing successful organisational change programmes.

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Psychometric Assessments

We offer a range of Emotional Intelligence and Team psychometrics to facilitate awareness-raising.

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What our clients say

“My team has worked with Isolde and KOI for 6 years and the experience has been transformative.”

Global Director, Microsoft

For any leader looking to create a truly high performing team environment and take their team to the next level in terms of empowerment, openness, trust and ultimately results, I’d highly recommend working with Isolde.

– Globalization Director, Symantec

Isolde has shown me the effectiveness of empathy within our business. This has had a huge impact on the culture of the company and has helped us hugely with staff retention.

– Managing Partner, O’Donnell O’Neill Hospitality Design

The core function of coaching is raising awareness for the purpose of growth and change. 

Isolde has come to understand that everything in life flows from our relationship with our self. How we think – how we feel – how we behave; are shaped by our life experiences.

The human brain is focused on our survival, constantly on the lookout for danger. Unless we intentionally stop to reflect on who we are, our values and essentially what is driving us, we go through life on autopilot.

Taking the time to deeply understand yourself gives you the awareness to make the choices that lead to real growth and change.