Organisational Change

Research shows that up to 80% of change projects fail, 60% of which are directly due to employee resistance. Underpinning sustainable change is the ability of leaders and individuals to learn and adapt to changing circumstances.

Isolde has supported multiple clients in designing and implementing successful organisational change projects.

Sample of projects include:

  • Setup of Research & Development Centre for American Multinational Technology Company.
  • Acquisition of Technology Company into Vertias Technologies.
  • Culture Change Programme for Dublin site of US multinational, Symantec, to break down silos by improving collaboration across the site; address employee morale concerns and drive business value to the broader organization.
  • Designed and implemented the Change Management programme for the European Leadership team of Microsoft Customer Service and Support organisation to deliver an organisation restructure and job redesign.

We help your organisation support the successful implementation of change.

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